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Over the years Burd Marketing has been able to refine the way it builds links on a client website. The idea is to be able to comply with Google’s ranking factors, policies and protocols in the best way possible. Which basically means we have our pulse on the latest and greatest when it comes to link building tactics to rank your website higher on Google.

We design and implement strategies that benefit the business needs of our clients. The idea is to increase traffic and rank high on Google. Backlinks are one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing a website’s search engine rankings. At Burd Marketing we provide high quality link building services that will improve your website’s search visibility and future proof its search rankings.

Our approach to link building is based on high quality production of content and promotion along with deep analysis of your competitors’ website within the industry. Good link building tactics involve research, planning, persistence and strategy. At Burd Marketing we understand that and go above and beyond to help our clients with their link building needs.

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