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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Consumers today live online. Irrespective of which business you deal in- your consumers are most likely to find you via a search engine (i.e. Google being the most dominating search engine). Brands that do not leverage SEO are often seen losing out on market share and on potential customers. Picture a business on a shop front compared to a replica that’s hidden in the back of an alleyway. Both sell the same products; one is just more visible.

Savvy customers view the internet as an integral part of their purchase journey. It is extremely crucial that brands understand the importance of investing in building their brand reputation online.

Investing in SEO can seem extremely overwhelming, which is why our team of experts will take care of aspects that are technical but extremely crucial to the SEO process.

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What you need to know about SEO:

Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy that makes your website optimised and easily available for your customers to find online. The main goal of SEO is to enhance the value of your website on search engines. Once the value of your website has been established, your pages will rank for queries/keywords most relevant to the content/pages on your website.

The strength of your SEO is determined on the basis of how easily your pages show up when a relevant term is searched for.

Here are a few aspects our team can help with to increase your SEO presence:

On-page / off-page:

When talking about On-Page SEO, it refers to all the implementations/actions that can be taken directly within your website to improve its position in the search rankings. Such as, basic search engine optimisation tactics like using keywords in your content and optimising the meta description, HTML code, title tags, and alt tags.

Off-Page SEO refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website, like the number and quality of your backlinks pointing to your website, from other sites. The more websites linking to your content, the more domain authority Google gives your site, boosting your ranking. It also includes how you promote your business, taking into account the amount of exposure something gets on our social media site/s.

Keyword optimisation:

Ensuring every page on your website has high value keywords that will help increase the ranking of the page on Google.

Site construction and organisation:

This is another aspect that helps a good site rank well. The site map makes it easy for Google to navigate and identify whether or not the content is relevant. A clear site map and easy navigation is also extremely crucial to ensure a good user experience.

Site errors:

Any error on a page can lower a website’s ranking on Google. You need a team of experts to ensure that the content of every page of your website displays the correct information, has the appropriate redirects and has no duplicity in terms page content.

Mobile optimisation:

An important aspect of a high SEO ranking website is how optimised the website is for mobile. Since most consumers view online content on their mobiles, this aspect is a crucial one.

There are so many more aspects involved with Search Engine Optimisation that our team of experts are well adept with taking on.

Several reasons as to why businesses need to invest in SEO:

Brand building:

Creating content that people recognize you for, is extremely important. Your brand needs to have a defining factor- be it a logo, the colors used or the service and products they associate your brand with. Brand building can help cement strong organisations.

More traffic and conversion rates:

Building a strong online presence through SEO will ensure your website enjoys a large amount of monthly traffic. This ensures there is an increase in the number of sales you make or the conversions you have per month.

Helps you reach geographies you never could have imagined:

The online world is expanding. This offers you and your brand the opportunity to interact with people in locations which wouldn’t’ have been possible otherwise. Optimising your website will help you reach your ideal customer who may or may not be within the same location as your brand.

Paid Vs Organic Traffic.

Confused about whether to invest in Google Adwords or on SEO?

The answer will depend on whether you want regular organic/consistent traffic or temporary/paid traffic going to your website. Like the mechanism of any ad spend, you will get clicks for as long as the ad runs. But if you want to build a presence online, that continues despite the absence of any Google AdWords spend, SEO is what you should be investing in.

With SEO your website becomes your asset, assets can be sold off or exchanged for other commodities. SEO will guarantee you brand presence, leads, conversion and retention of customers in the long run.

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