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We provide customised e-commerce solutions to our clients across the globe. We are known for our technical excellence and extremely skilled Shopify developers who work proactively to meet clients’ business requirements. We lend our expertise in designing and developing highly personalised Shopify stores for any business size.

When you choose us to create a Shopify website with us, this is what you can expect:

  1. Structured Workflow
    • Right from gathering the needs of your business, to developing the website and delivering the output, our experienced and skilled team has you covered.
  2. Dedicated Team for your needs
    • Rest assured each of our team members are extremely capable of incorporating all your business needs to the website development.
  3. Quality Assurance
    • We hold a track record of developing websites that are of high quality. We adhere to strict guidelines that we set with the clients right at the onset of the project development. As part of our workflow we ensure that high standards are maintained at every step of developing the website. We conduct relevant QA tests at different stages before delivering the final product to our client.
  4. Aggressive Pricing
    • We provide our customers with the best websites at competitive pricing. We believe in transparency and always strive to give our clients the best service for their business. We don’t believe in any hidden costs or additional charges as we genuinely like being upfront when it comes to pricing with our clients.
  5. Support & Maintenance
    • At Burd Marketing, with every project that we undertake, we will help you with the appropriate maintenance and support required to give you the online business you desire.
    • We offer updates and timely maintenance at every step of the project development process. With our support, you will be able to make amendments to the Website layout, HTML coding, features and other aspects of the website as per your requirement.

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