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Our expert team is extremely adept with developing websites on Wix. Every aspect is looked into and implemented based on the client’s requirement – Wix Ascend CRM, Wix Code Expert, Wix API integration or WIX App Development.

Here are a few things you can expect, when signing up with Burd Marketing to develop your Wix website:

  1. Wix CRM
    • We can help with integrating your CRM platform to your website. Our dedicated team will help with creating, integrating and connecting both platforms.
  2. Wix Code
    • We can customise the integration architecture to your business needs and requirement. This would involve tweaking database design and other elements of your website.
  3. Wix API integration
    • This aspect will cover integrating 3 rd party APIs to deliver custom Wix Websites that represent your business in the best way possible. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in different kinds of integration.

At Burd Marketing, here are a few common integrations we can help with:

  1. Database Setup
    • Setting up and managing your WIX database to ensure the website runs seamlessly
  2. Google Calendars
    • By adding Google Calendars to your website, you will be able to seamlessly integrate event information that might prove to be useful for your customers.
  3. Google Autocomplete
    • This integration will allow a user friendly search within your WIX forms
  4. Wix Pay
    • With WixPay you will be able to integrate a safe payment gateway to your website that can allow for purchases to take place.
  5. Custom Calculators
    • Seamless integration of an advanced and customised quote calculator to aid the convenience of your customers.
  6. Custom Product Pages
    • Customise your store with tailored product pages that will allow you to add price, features and other information exclusive to specific products.
  7. Custom Wix Sign Up
    • Add multi step forms for Wix membership to aid your website.

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